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Who is DORI ?

Sesame eyes, red coat, short legs
Young, sincerely, simple, love, brave Be yourself
Face the difficulty without fear
I’m TUDODORI An 11-year-old boy,
born on November 11 The universe is dark.
You can see the light
when you open your eyes.  

Tudodori and Tudococo were born in the vast universe in a mysterious galaxy - Tudo galaxy.
They are peaceful and loving.
They brought their love to earth.

No. Country / Region Title Date
2 CHINA , SHANGHAI On November 11, 2020, TUDODORI Ushered In 22nd Birthday 2020-11-11
3 CHINA , SHANGHAI From TUDODORI to DORI LAB, ambition evolution! 2020-07-29
No. Country / Region Title Date
No. Country / Region Title Date



  • RetailWe will sell all kinds of self-produced cartoon image products in online shopping malls and offline entities in major cities, and strive to convey the idea of "Don’t want not to fashion" through aesthetics.
  • PartnershipThrough strategic cooperation with global partners, launch cooperation products and patent products, and share each other's philosophy, culture and enterprise value.
  • ContentsAt the same time of making animation and games independently in GamzaDori creative studio, combining past experience and future technology, we will expand our business field in a new way.

Partnership Proposal

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